Friday , December 13 2019
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The EU prevents Israel from destroying East Jerusalem

The European Union destroyed Israel on Friday in the demolition of Israeli Palestinian structures, saying demolitions were waiting for regional peace.

"The European Union missions and Ramallah have warned the Israeli authorities said that the Israeli authorities in the district of Wadi Yasul in the Wadi Yasul district of the Wadi Yasul district of Silwan have been seriously disturbed by the Israeli authorities."

"In international law it is illegal under international law, the settlement and expansion policies are illegal, and its tracking constrains the viability of both states and sustainable perspectives for peace," said the statement.

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EU delegates called on the Israeli authorities to reverse the demolition orders against nearby Palestinian property.

According to 13 statements, Israel has destroyed several illegal structures.

The decision of the Supreme Court approached approximately 60 weeks to demolish approximately 60 structures. Warehouses, stores and stores have already been destroyed, reports says. It was not clear whether they were demolishing private homes or not.

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