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Black Friday discounts have officially begun


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November 18, 2020 10:00 p.m.

The countdown has officially begun and shopping addicts from all over Italy are already on the store’s network of favorite stores ready to take advantage of unmissable discounts and very convenient promotions. The green light is scheduled for Nov. 27, the day the now-famous Black Friday falls. But if it still takes a good half a month for the start to open up some of the wildest shopping dances to do its job, the reality is that many have been unable to cope and have already left, slipping with carts between store aisles and elbows. , especially looking for the most famous products: high technology, electrical appliances and electronics.

Would they know something that the rest of us don’t know yet? Yes, you probably know that Black Friday in the last ten days will be as black as this year and passionate for all technology enthusiasts in all its forms and declines: state-of-the-art TVs and big and big phones, small appliances, computer products and video games. for all these products Black Friday has already begun!

Definitely give an estimate of the estimated early departure Expert, With previous Black Friday promotions and offers that began this month with offers Black surprises and continued with i until November 15th Black Days. Well, the Expert has decided not to take a break by proposing it now Black Preview, a series offers to scream dedicated to a wide range of offerings products from the best brands and of excellent quality chosen by experts. As I said, the days of fire will be about ten, from 16 to 25 November, and the discounts will cover all product categories usually proposed by the Expert. Just a couple of examples:

Samsung TV With Q70T QLED technology, 65 ”maxi screen, 4k and hdr 25% discount to take home only € 899

BOSCH dryer WTR85V18IT, super quiet, 8Kg A ++ class 43% discount offer at € 449

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The advice is to hurry up and take advantage of the advice of experts who are in the store or available on the phone, because it may seem like ten long days, but it is also true that this hi-tech technology is a type of product that is easy to extract. . The danger, then, is to find them stolen and left with shelves even before they have time to say “new dryer”. For many it seems to be a useful reason to stop having to carry heavy loads, Expert anticipates and solves the problem conveniently and quickly home delivery service, of course included careful with details of installation.

In short, there is no more excuse now: The black preview is tempting not to take advantage. And, let’s just say, who can handle it until December 27th, locked in the house, without a 65 ”TV?

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