Wednesday , February 8 2023

Diesel destroys electricity, which is what is happening in the market



The market cars to see the arrival in recent years boss We are talking about a new competitor to the throne of the standard engine used by motorists electric cars, which are undergoing a real rise due to the improvement of the features related to them after a shy and awesome start, as they have been able to conquer many users to encourage them to start a new electron adventure.

Of course, car manufacturers have taken the ball but they have been at the same time hit by the ball itselfIn fact, they had to immediately proceed to design a new model a competitive and accurate price list for users.

Despite these beautiful premises, it is electric it has not yet managed to make the necessary qualitative leap to overthrow the absolute ruler, the Diesel engine is still dominant and does not seem ready to give way, despite electric incentive pro banned from different states, let’s find out why.

Diesel pays

The main reason behind this dominance is economic, as diesel cars, although based on the old concept, have much lower prices, unlike electric cars, which reveal costs for management and maintenance from the price list. significantly higher, all because of the young technology behind these engines.

So even though electricity has all the credentials to become the standard of the future, it will still take some time to break free from the maturity that weighs on its technology.

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