Friday , September 24 2021

Festa Italia Raffaella Masciadri in the final: 62-56 for Sweden and European conquerors – Basketball

Italy is not disappointed, Sweden overcomes 62-56 in La Spezia and leaves the basketball continent in Latvia and Serbian next year. Azzurri had to win the Scandinavians mathematically to enter the final stage of the tournament, and therefore, without understanding the six best seconds. The coral performance of the runner's girl is the most important event for the next season, the first race to get the Tokyo 2020 Winter Olympics.


Blue prevailed in the first two quarters, even though it went to + 23 and hit the pocket, then trusted in Sweden and the conflict was reopened. tooth and match correct Olbis Futo André (9 bounces) and Elisa Penna at 10 points, Cecilia Zandalasini (8 points and 3 supporters) and Giorgia Sottana (5), 6 points Francesca Dotto and emotion, the final output with blue cape Raffaella Masciadri.

Italy is very good at getting Cinili the third and entering Zandalasini (7-5), Olbis André retrieving +3 (11-8), but we will try to get away. The first quarter will finish Romeo by 19-15 in four consecutive points. Olbis André Penna triple and the second goal in the second half is worth 26-15. Penna and Sottana triplets rise to 38-19 and return to the locker 19 points (40-21).

Azzurri defended beautifully and gave very little opponents at the beginning of the third quarter, but scandinavians believed and blows fell. Eldebrink and Halvarsson made a difference between 50-41 ten minutes earlier. Although Dotto (54-41) is a good counterattack, Eldebrink is not discounted and gets his team back -6. We tried to score and Halvarsson scored 54-56, but Dotto and Zandalasinia scored 60-54 minutes in 60 minutes. Then, Olbis heard the victory over the last moments … European.


Italy-Sweden 62-56 (19-15; 21-6; 10-20; 12-15)

ITALY: Dotto 6, Romeo 6, Gorini, Sottana 5, Zandalasini 8, Masciadri, Crippa, Nicolodi, Ress, Cinili 5, Andrè 20, Penna 10. Ct: Marco Crespi

SWEDEN: Abdi 10, Fontaine, Nnamaka, Eldebrink, Lundquist, Nystrom, Eldebrik 7, Hamilton Carter, Barthold, Drammeh, Halvarsson 10, Zahui 10. Coach: Hugo Lopez

Judges: Juras (SRB), Csender (ROU), Mendoza Holgado (ESP).

Video – Mike James: his magic is the performance of Milan-Baskonia


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