Monday , November 29 2021

GF Vip released against Balotelli Selvaggia: “Enock is untouchable”


And there was Enock’s girlfriend and sisters who intervened to defend the young man from Selvaggia’s accusations because of a kiss and after text messages that he would not send, here is Super Mario to intervene


Mario Balotelli does not match what happened at home and in the section and, angrily, he defends Enock hopeful battle against Wild Rome who revealed that they shared a kiss when last summer Enock it was already Committed to Giorgia Migliorati

GF Vip, Selvaggia and kiss with Enock


Wild Rome he said he had kiss Enock a in the evening at the nightclub e to have been later invited gives to enter the hotel with him. Enock ha confirm having met at the nightclub but he determinedthe era was already busy With Giorgia Migliorati and so it would have been impossible to kiss her. Not only messages received from the influencer with the file invited to the hotel, would be sent by a friend from his cell phone. Therefore, Enock he claims he would not be there nothing between them. While the gypsies it tells the opposite.

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GF Vip, Enock’s family against Selvaggia Roma

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-After the decomposed reaction of girlfriend Giorgia and Enock’s sisters those who have found almost one godfather scene consisting of “threats” from the series: “I’ll wait outside”Here’s a new chapter adds Selvaggia to the starring episode Gypsies and Enock Barwuah and there were numerous quarrels which took place during the House and the live section. It’s here too Mario Balotelli intervenes defense of his brother

GF Vip, Mario Balotelli furious with Selvaggia Roma

enock balotelli

Mario Balotelli to say the least angry and social media, Big Brother, he promises battle Against Wild Gypsies he was embarrassed after the phrases about the alleged kiss exchanged with the champion’s brother ai “little brother” as the “crime” would occur This summer and when Enock it was already the bride with his partner Giorgia Migliorati. Super Mario he will have to warn of the impact take responsibility for statements made on television e post the poison tweet in its official profile

When you decide to walk in the dark, forget the light. The game is over. I repeat that the touch is untouchable INTOCCABLE. Life is not random when you talk at gf then take your responsibilities BUT AWAY FROM HOME! Good luck everyone.

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