Monday , May 29 2023

Hidden snipers now shake the government


du anti-corruption ddl Mostly it's yellow green. The government is under a secret ballot of the House of Representatives, dear League. Snipers are thirty-six. Vitiello's correction was 284, and the absence was also a negative result: the same number in League 9 and M5. Several deputies "lack justified": 25 between the North League and 27 Cinquestelle. Matteo Salvini closes the highest message with a message that leaves a misunderstood room: "I have a completely wrong vote in the classroom, the position of the league establishes that the majority of the secretary's provisions are agreed upon."

In the meantime, Cinquestelle who wants to denounce the Transatlantic Montecitorio, the burning of the plot's fire, remembers, exceptionally, the Salvini Salvation Decree. The deputy of the Northern League, Riccardo Molina, says: "We were not there". The spokeswoman Francesca Businarolo (M5S) makes a headache and silences: "I do not know what the League wants more." Francesco D 'Uva Cinquestelli talks about "very serious" and warns: "You can not move forward." Others however minimize: "There is a normal dialectal participation under a change".

And in the afternoon, after the Palazzo Chigi CDM, extraordinary meetings were held, both Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio. Both parties take the final floor and define the fall as "road accident", the "unpleasant" vote, whose only result will be the acceptance of the bill more quickly. "I keep the agreements", it closes. The government's fibrillation is palpable so much that the chamber's chamber work has been interrupted until 11:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. "I would abolish the secret ballot because they have the right to know what the Italians have to vote," said Matteo Salvini before Palazzo Chigi. "Is it a mistake in the league? I do not care about worrying, I repeat: the secret is hidden behind the coward, who does, if they are the majority, will do all the ways." There is a security decree, there is maneuver. … I think that making so many buttons are really useless for children. The League will accelerate the acceptance of the anti-corruption bill. The M5 groups will meet tomorrow at 9 in the afternoon. According to the study, Luigi Di Maio, the political leader of the Movement.

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