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In the case of Ekofit, there is a tax code, not corrected in foreign dishes

The car ecoxta must be a sole corrector when setting deadlines. In the rest,
The new tax on purchases of light vehicles over 160 g / km CO2 will come into force on this date
In the version required by the envisaged Law, specifically established on March 1. So much yesterday Treasury Agency ne
Tax code has been established, publishing resolution 31 / E: 3500, called Ecotassa – Tax purchase and enrollment
Italy category M1 emissions through emissions exceeding 160 CO2 g / km threshold – Article 1, paragraph 1042, law
n. 145 of 2018

Decision making complicates the payment model number F24 to be written instead of number plates.

Corrections means that there is more lack of internationalization practices (enrollment)
An Italian vehicle in a foreign dish), the only hope to avoid ecotaxa (in the case of foreign registered vehicles)
Whether the startup is owned or used by the owner, whether purchased or owned)
At the speed of the Motoring Office at the request presented.

Normally, a nationalization needs a 10-day period, the time required by the revenue agency
After accepting the so-called Census Census, OK, depending on the anti-fraud VAT. This operation
Establishments established by the agencies to make nationalization, even after a purchase, but simple
Transfer of Italy to the owner of the vehicle. It helped us to improve chronic motor problems,
whose staff are getting thinner.

According to December, we add excessive work caused by a maliciously "malicious" foreign plaque established by the decree of security.
The Italian resident ban has caused a driver of a vehicle with a foreign license license (except for rent or lease)
Many nationalization of cars that are circulating in the year of insurance, concealing and preventing tax authorities
to receive fines

So there are offices that last 40 days. So there are users who have submitted practice
In January, however, they have to pay for it. In some cities, including Rome, motorizations are open
Restrictions for retention offices. This can only happen with the help of practice agencies
cars, years back replacing lack of public resources.

The Revenue Agency has not considered it until now. N seems to be made by checkers
The budget law does not set a payment deadline, probably Friday
ecoxta in a single virtual entry current: payments must be made only when they are available
The necessary rules (see Il Sole 24 Ore yesterday).

Operators also guarantee that the tax has not been released in Italian copies
before 1 March and from that date enrolled.

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