Wednesday , February 1 2023

It's cold, but it's cerebrospinal fluid


Usually, when runny noseNo one thinks seriously, because we believe it is a problem associated with a cold or an allergy. However, this traumatic 5-year-old begins to suspect something abnormal.

He is called the protagonist of the unfortunate story Greg Phillpotts, He lives in North Carolina (United States), and bad diagnoses have been made over the past 5 years. After consulting with several specialists, the man finally found that he did not lose a mucus from his nose, but Pale liquid fluid.

Greg's story

Interviewed ABC11Phillpotts reveals that he loses a liquid from his nose for the last 5 years. During this time, the man consulted by several experts [VIDEO]someone who hopes to solve his problem. In fact, they have always been poorly diagnosed, not receiving proper care.

In fact, the doctors gave them many opinions: someone told Greg, it was cold, the others talked about an allergy, so another could have bronchitis or pneumonia. True, however, it was very different, and after every five years of consultation and medical examinations it became clear: Mount Sinai hospital In New York, the American citizen visited Dr. Alfred Iloreta. Patients did not lose glucuron, but had brain cancer.

An operation saved his life

Cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrospinalIt's in our central nervous system. It is a fluid-colored fluid whose function is to reduce it brain weight, to protect our brain and promote regulation of blood flow in the brain. Therefore, losing this substance to the nose does not have a positive sign, because the low amount of lymph nodes can not only cause infections, but also meningitis.

After 5 years of discomfort, unfortunately, Greg did not report any infections. Dr. Iloreta was able to find out about the origin of her disease and decided to not work with the skull on the invader. deformation the loss of body fluids.

Now the human condition has stabilized, and the dry nose is only a remote memory. In fact, Greg breathes again [VIDEO] along with two rootsIt turned out to be impossible for many years.

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