Sunday , June 13 2021

Matteo Bassetti: “I will celebrate with my family, which no one will take away from me”

Christmas has also come home Matteo Bassetti, Director of the infectious disease clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa. Since the Italian coronavirus bomb exploded in March, the teacher has never missed a day of work. At the age of 8, they found her in the room to do what her job was, which is to care for the patients who filled her room in the waves. These have been difficult days, Bassetti himself has repeatedly said that there have been moments when the situation has felt overwhelmed. He has often been on television to complete his work, which is not limited to that of Ward, but is to spread, explain and, as far as possible, encourage science. He revealed the situation he experienced in the hospital where he works and was repeatedly criticized and attacked for it, even by non-experts.

Matteo Bassetti’s attitude has often been critical of the government and its decisions to tackle coronavirus as well as Christmas and, although always polite, the teacher did not fail the December Dpcm author. “The tree and cradle are ready. Christmas will be very different. In the meantime he alone will be the first, without mother and father. I will celebrate with you family that no one can take it away from me. No laws, no decrees, no politicians, no one. Christmas without a family is not Christmas“, Wrote Matteo Bassetti on his Facebook profile, attaching a photo of a beautiful bright and colorful Christmas tree. The doctor lost his mother a few weeks ago and is still a fresh wound for him. Dpcm di Natale has stated that he does not want to give up his family’s love , especially at such a delicate moment.

Maybe they would do better to say they celebrated Christmas this year August 15. It would be easier (we would be the first and only in the world … But someone might say we did it because we were clearer and better than the others …). Many have said that the Baby Jesus could have been born 2 hours earlier, without frightening anyone“The doctor continues, recalling the August openings.”Christmas should be a time of great respect for tradition, love, family and the rules we know. I recommend Common Sense, which is often hidden in our beautiful country …“, concludes Matteo Bassetti, attracting everyone’s awareness.

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