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Morbillo, 557 cases in the first three months of Italy – Health

In the first three months of the year, 557 bullets were released in Italy; of which 177 in January, 170 in February and 210 in March, for 36.8 million inhabitants. At least 31% of patients had a complication, for example, two cases of encephalitis and a 45-year-old adult died of respiratory complications. This was announced by the Morbillo and Rosolia News Bulletin at the Higher Institute of Health. 62 cases were reported for children under 5 years of age, less than 21 years of age for a year.

According to the data reported, there were reports of 18 cases, although more than half were in Lombardy and Lazio, much higher than the national average (64.6 and 93.6 respectively). The average age of the affected population was 30 years, but 62 cases were reported for under 5 children, less than 21 years old. There were also citizens who worked: 29 health workers and 8 school operators were included, none of whom vaccinated. 40.2% of those who had complications had been hospitalized and 26.9% went to an emergency department. The data from the Higher Health Institute show how cramping has a cyclical tendency during the epidemic (more than 300 cases) in June 2013 and January 2014, diminishing in 2015 and the 973 peak. cases in March 2017 In some cases, after a fall, it was renewed in January 2018 in 496 cases in April 2018, after which it gradually decreased in 56 cases in September 2018. The number of cases was almost stable during the next months until December 2018 (78). In January 2019, compared to the previous month, the number of new cases has doubled, and the number of new cases has doubled since March.



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