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Pension fee 100, compensation or TFS with more time, a trap

Pension fee 100 Decree n. 4 of 2019 for private and public employees with different conditions. The separation is not the result of the withdrawal date and the information provided to the administration, but we did not expect the delay in payment of the first TFS payment. This slip comes in from above. Decree 23 determines that the first parts of the TFR shall be paid if the requirements of the Fornero law are fulfilled or when the retirement is fulfilled, it will be paid.

We would like to remind you that state officials who wish to take part in the early retirement 100 Coupons should be warned at least six months before the organization can take appropriate time and avoid any undue effectiveness.

State TFR: payment

The new TFR / TFS regulation, after the retirement age, has extended a long time. It will wait for another twelve months after completing the mastery of 67 years since 2021; Another thirty-four months more, in accordance with the requirements of retirement for a period of ninety months.

The Decree offers advanced TFRs

Decree Law n. In addition to the 4/19 Pensions Reform and Citizens' Income, the state workers may also request the TFS or TFR advance, up to a maximum of € 45 thousand, if retirement is foreseen. This measure also applies to pensioners who have not received TFR.

Decree stipulates that when entering any type of pension: 100, retirement, Women's option, senior pension, etc. It is possible to access the loan application with a maximum of 45,000. Initially, the decree reported that it had a maximum amount of 30 thousand euros, after which a correction came to 45 thousand euros.

The financing is done through banks or financial intermediaries, which will establish a specific framework agreement between the ABI, interested entities and ministries. The State guarantees the loan by creating a special guarantee fund managed by INPS.

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