Wednesday , February 8 2023

Pokémon Sword and Shield, the perfect link to CutiePieSensei’s cosplay –


CutiePieSensei Cosplayer cosplay perfect In this, he saw the coach Pokémon Sword and Shield. Every detail has been taken care of, from the shorts to the top, the accessories that adorn the hairstyle, the girl’s waist, neck and hair. The typical pose of the character was also played with a Poké Ball in his hand. It’s a really great job, so it gives us hope for the future of humanity … maybe not, but it’s outstanding nonetheless.

Nessa da Gym Hulbury, called Hulbury Stadium, specializes in water-type Pokemon. Defeating the game wins the Water Badge. Pokemon’s choice was probably influenced by his parents: his father was a fisherman and his mother worked in a fish market.

CutiePieSensei is a creative cosplayer who has worked on a variety of characters, most notably superhero comic book heroes and some Disney characters.

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