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Red and orange zone, regions: “Reduce risk zone parameters to 5”. No hope: “21 left”


The region is “against” the government. Instead of five parameters 21 to determine the location yellow, orange or red zone and a single rapid positive test to launch the necessary measures to sustain the expansion virushence the tracing, isolation, and quarantine of the contacts. Along with the follow-up on Friday Regions pressure increased Government and presented a proposal to “simplify” the system that automatically causes restrictions and closures. But the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza slows down: “21 parameters” together with RT “determine what measures should be implemented in the territories”, leaving the defense of the developed system in the hands of the Supreme Institute of Health: the data “are always updated”, stressed the Institute led by Silvio Brusaferro, it takes into account all aspects of the epidemic and the response of health systems. ”

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Red zone, both for shopping outside your municipality: but if you save money. The government changes the Faq


The proposals of the regions are contained in a letter addressed to Speranza himself and the Minister of Regional Affairs Weather in Boccia. “The parameters developed in the first phase of the pandemic need to be simplified,” said Giovanni Toti, vice-president of the Regional Conference. He called for an urgent meeting. because they think they are “unsuitable”. locate territories. There are basically two changes requested by the government. The first is about the “definition of a confirmed case” and in the face of a rapid positive antigen test, in the absence of symptoms, it is not necessary to confirm the molecular dressing – taking into account the response time – to “immediately perform all necessary public health actions”: isolation, contact follow-up, quarantine. Molecular testing should be stored only for “those necessary for clinical or therapeutic purposes and not for public health”.

New parameters for regions

The second point concerns the review of follow-up indicators, which should be converted from 21 to 5: positive / buffer ratio, Rt, bed occupancy rate in intensive care and medical care, number and type of professional images dedicated to contact tracing. , for this last point – along with the demand for “adequate resources”, both for tracing, for isolation and quarantine, so as to manage Covid hotels. But the question is not just technical. “We want to get into the debate politically, we need more collaborative efforts and more decision-making mechanisms,” Toti says clearly, Luca Zaia spoke of “pre-emptive prevention” of opportunities and March President Francesco Acquaroli called for “consultation” on decisions made in the Territory all”. Basically, not more automatism, but political decisions made with governors.

The attitude of the Minister

“The dialogue with the regions is always open,” replied Speranza, who is ruling out changes at the moment. This is why a new clash is emerging, even if Boccia is not completely closed: “If the demands of the regions are related to the weighting of some parameters and others,” then “we can discuss.” However, the key is to “get out of the objectivity of the data in order to enter the discretion of the policy,” says the Minister of Regional Affairs, the executive will not back down. “Either we are objective or we are discretionary. And if we are objective, we leave it to science to determine the parameters. ” On Friday, therefore, nothing will change from the point of view of the definition of bands, and the new data will take into account the first seven regions that took action – ‘rossè Lombardia, Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta and Calabria’ and ‘arancionì’. Puglia and Sicily will change the area or not, so that the positioning can be re – evaluated after the 15 days indicated in the Hope Order. For others, it will have to wait until the 27th for checks and if some of the regions in the yellow zone at this time change color, the revaluation will not take place before the new Dpcm, as the current one will expire on December 3rd. He should receive instructions for Christmas time. “What happens at Christmas – Brusafesso braked anyway – will depend on our behavior.” In return, it means that if RT does not fall below 1, it would be hypothesized that the measures would be mitigated.

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