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The militant Anpi denounced Prato, Questor and Prefect on April 25 and warned Salvini: Identify & # 39;

The prefect and commissioner booed on the demonstration on April 25. To do this, militantsAnpi di Prato Will be notified to the prosecutor. Their fault He authorized the national competition and asked for the "resignation" of two public demand managers New force on the 23rd of March, last day Fighting Beamen Centenary. Complaint – Crime of the Republic was a crime – announced announcements of Prato kestretor. Alessio CesareoThe "April" telescope was sent to the Interior Ministry on April 25: "In celebration celebrations, a group of members of the ANPI were the choirs and posters, then the police were bought. Precarious Scialla and commissioner Cesareo read Corriere Fiorentino's letter on Saturday morning . During the ceremony, they are also called signs ("resignations!"). The prefect defines "manifestation not responding" and, therefore, the report is "responsible for these behaviors, in the identification process, to be notified to the judicial authority". He arrived at the Attorney's Square prosecutor's desk. Giuseppe Nicolosi, that is, evaluating if there are end points to open a study.

Protests on April 25 – Everything started on Thursday morning Plaza Santa Maria delle Carceri hundreds of people paraded for the national liberation of Italy to celebrate fascism. At the end of the event, the prelate speaker presented the first Rosalba Scialla and then curator Alessio Cesareo and at that time the protest against the square exploded: whistles, chorus and screaming ("resignation! shame!") 50 people immediately silenced the alpine bands. The militants of Anpi called on the prefect and the questioner to allow the demonstration of Forza Nuova on March 23 At the same time, they participated in the Liberation celebrations, in the letter sent by the Ministry of Interior, Prat's interviewers, the ANPI protested the protesters' sings "to demand the resignation of the prefect" to sketch but, above all, a "typical battle of the party". it might be contempt.

After the protest, the mayor took him to the ground Matteo BiffoniThe story that stigmatized against Forza Nuova's protest is that: "I think the challenges and ways to challenge the position of the prefect will be challenging," said the first citizen of the PD, "I think that the method we make with the square demonstration on March 23 was much more effective: this morning the music of the square that is stronger than the txistu ("Thursday, April 25)". One month ago, a hundred meters away from the Forza Nuova meeting (150 militants, including the national leader, Roberto Fiore), Cgil, Libera, Arci and Anpi di Prato The streets took about 3,500 people to confirm the anti-fascist nature of the city.

Center-Right Candidate: "Fearless Prefect Challenge" – There will be elections in Prato for one month and the last two demonstrations have become a matter of political struggle. The right candidate for the center Daniele Spada The City Council will try to recover, it will take its streets on April 25 and afterwards, the protests against the prefect and the interrogators have spoken outright about the "non-invasive, non-invasive civil and democratic practices". "An organization representative challenges and risks is cheeky and unacceptable, even if it is done on an official celebration on April 25," Spada continued. " A few strangers have differences in respect for freedom, democracy and institutions. The agents that trigger the fire of ideological divisions to feed tensions that are not needed in Prato.

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