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Vodafone España offers subscriptions for all unlimited Giga, but with a limiting speed – | Telephony | Offers

in Spanish, Vodafone recently he reviewed his portfolio of offers, especially the entry into the market mobile network any New subscription rates they give that unlimited minutes, text messages and concertsThe latter, however, in some cases speed limit, variable depending on the cost of the offer.

Vodafone Spain This announcement was announced on a press release on 10 April 2019 From April 14, 2019 it would be there "Change the strategy to adapt to the needs of customers" thanks to its marketer mobile subscription fee with limited subscription.

Vodafone comes with these attempts to launch the same office in Spain difficulty period He lives in the Iberian territory Vodafone GroupHowever, he recently reaffirmed his willingness to sell Vodafone España's rumors that he would not be able to sell.

If you make a comparison Italian market, all with unlimited rates they are not newFor example, Vodafone Italia launched in October 2018 the unlimited Giga call rate Red + Unlimited, then it became the current one Red Unlimited Black. In this case, however, this is because it is the only offer that is offered to anyone who has unlimited Giga. There are no other limitations for speed limits.

Return Spanish market, it should be noted that Vodafone's availability of indexes available in Spain is available subscription only.

This is unlike the Italian market, It is more common to find a subscription fee as a top rate with related restrictionstype of type "Prepaid" (To reload) They are certainly not so widespread less advantageousespecially compared to the Italian custom.

Unlimited rates for Vodafone España compared to other "basic" subscriptions.

New subscription rate Vodafone Spainavailable Both for new customers From April 14, 2019, respectively Unlimited, Unlimited Súand Total Unlimited and they all give it up unlimited minutes, text messages and concertsThe latter, however, with some boundaries on three rates.

offer Unlimited it has a cost 40.99 euro Monthly and Giga Unlimited but one maximum speed: 2 megabits / s.

subscription Unlimited super it has a cost 45.99 euro per month and unlimited Giga Maximum speed of navigation of 10 megabits / s.

Instead, offer Unlimited Total coastline € 49.99 it's the only one per month and foreseen Unlimited speed limitless. du maximum speed Vodafone navigation provided in Spain 4G + (No 4.5G) Download 300 megabits / s and upload 100 megabits / s.

All offers are service activation Safe Network for free for 3 months (Vodafone is the same as the Italian Safe Network) and your offer to use roaming in the European Union, unlimited minutes and SMS and Giga 16, 17 and 19 traffic data, respectively.

You see, these are the offers very similar recently launched Vodafone Italia, even if offered Existing customers only: these are offers ad personam range Red Unlimited, respectively Red Unlimited Smart +, Red Unlimited Ultra + and Red Unlimited Black CB.

By forecasts, with MondoMobileWebThese offers are offered personalized prices Variable, from 20 to 39 euros per month, and only Some already selected customers. It is curious to know how to launch these offers almost simultaneously stretch rates "Unlimited" Given by Vodafone España, it is available in Italy April 15, 2019.

At this point we admire that established by Vodafone in Spain "Preview" what could it be? Future of mobile ratesthat is, inserting a new item navigation speed limit Giga against the unlimited concession.

ItalianAs mentioned, this new variable has been proposed, at this moment, only for some Customers Vodafone, but it can not be a test Awaiting launch of bids with open navigation speeds for all customers, As happened in Spain.

We would like to thank David and Simone for their reports.

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