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As expected, Jack Villeneuve also praised Reims Stroll’s first F1 pole[]


As expected, Jack Villeneuve also praised Reims Stroll’s first F1 pole.

Former F1 world champion Jean Villeneuve was rarely praised by Reims Stroll from the same Canada after the F1 Turkish GP.

In the end, Reims Stroll finished 9th in the F1 Turkish GP, but on Saturday he achieved his first pole position in F1 in very slippery condition, leading the first half of the race.

The 1997 F1 World Champion and French-Canadian Jack Villeneuve himself regularly criticize Reims Stroll, saying it is only because of F1’s father’s financial resources.

However, Jack Villeneuve noted that it has been a “very good lap” in terms of Reims Stroll’s pole position in the F1 Turkish GP.

“Unlike other drivers, he made no mistakes and especially took advantage of Max Felstappen’s doubts in his last attempt.”

“Actually, this time I have nothing to criticize.”

“I wasn’t lucky. He was doing well. Some of the riders used the same strategy and chose intermediate tires at the end of the session. He did a better job.”

In fact, Jack Villeneuve said the Reims Stroll often shows strength in the difficult road conditions we saw in Turkey last weekend.

“Qualifying on the podium in Monza and Baku in 2017 was great. It definitely feels better when the conditions are tough.”

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