Friday , August 19 2022

Chang Kim wins last round of the year Ryo Ishikawa was last year’s champion 6th place in Golf Digest Online


  1. Chang Kim, who won the final round of the year, is ranked 6th by Ryo Ishikawa, the previous year’s championGolf Digest online
  2. Ryo Ishikawa, 4th, 6th, 6th in history to achieve the feat, the last day of 6 has won 17Sports information
  3. Hiroshi Iwata climbed to the top Yukazu Kosaihei 1 blow difference 2 blow difference Takumi Kanaya 3rd placeGolf Digest online
  4. Ryo Ishikawa said: “I have to stretch more than the surroundings” on the last day, when I get to 4 strokes of a difficult game even in difficult golf (Golf information ALBA.Net)Yahoo! News
  5. Japan Series JT Cup 3rd team last day The first half of the series is over, Yukazu Kosaihei, C. Kim is the leader under 9 years old, Ryo Ishikawa has the following consecutive tournaments, 5 differences,
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