Saturday , January 23 2021

Domination of the actors of the comedy = one week president election news bulletin news

Comedy Actor Domination = One weekend is in the presidential election in the Ukraine News News

Zelensky comedy actress curator for the Ukrainian presidential election = 13th, Kiev (AFP current affairs) 【Moscow current affairs】 One week has been until the 31st presidential election. In some surveys, Zellensky comedy (41) is the lead actress; Then, the president of Polos (53) and Prime Minister Tymoshenko (58) are descendants. It's hard to win all the necessary votes to win to win, and it is very likely that he will participate in the final vote. According to a survey published by SOCIS, 20, Zelensky's approval was approximately 20%. Poloshenko continues around 13% and Timoshenko is about 10%. There is also a survey, according to which Tymoshenko is in second place, and Poloshenko is fighting. Mr Zelensky became a television drama and became a president and he became President. Although he does not have a political experience, he has "strength and energy" and has expanded the support of those who do not. The administration of Poloshenko, launched in the southern Ukraine after the Crimea Peninsula was added to Russia in 2014, has taken the European path, but in the east there is a continuing conflict between the armed government and the Russian state and the corruption of government is not improved. City dissatisfaction is increasing. According to a survey conducted by a research company in 19, 69% say "Ukraine is in a bad direction." Mr Poloshenko faces the election game in Russia …

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