Monday , November 29 2021

“I don’t have a baby crying” Interview with Oga Nakano and Yuta Orisaka – Film Natalie Feature film / Interview – Film Natalie


  1. “I Don’t Have a Crying Baby” Interview with Oga Nakano and Yuta Orisaka – Natalie Feature Film / InterviewThe movie Natalie
  2. Nakano Taiga’s “Crying child is not good”Cinema Today
  3. Yuta Orisaka, protagonist of a video interview with Oga Nakano from “Udaberria” from MV released “Udaberria”Real sound
  4. Oga Nakano x Yuta Orisaka “Songs from the mother’s point of view” Movie “Crying is not good” Nakano x Orisaka interview videomoviecollectionjp
  5. Riho Yoshioka starred in “Crying Children is Not Good”. New visual and video versionNatalie
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