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"If you defeated G2 Sports ……" Season 8 champion G2 Sports Pengu short interview 【Season 8】 – "Rainbow Six Siege" special site


Publication date: 2018-11-19, 22:05 p.m.

Local season The professional league "Rainbow Six Siege" took place during the 8 season, from November 17 to 18, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The main contest will be the world champion, where the world's leading champion of European, Latin American, North American and APAC regions. The 8th world champion will be decided, Japan will participate in the Nara Association. The revenge won 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the 7th quarter of Rogue. Despite Rogue's revenge, the middle-class FaZe Clan failed to communicate smoothly in the team and won 2-0. However, for the first time I got the best result of APAC.

The 8 final season has become G2 Esports vs. FaZe Clan, and is the strongest. I think FaZe Clan revived the list and resurrected with the local Brazilian rocket and broke G2 Espors, breaking the strongest name in the world of G2 Sports, the result is 2-0 G2 Sports. There's a victory. Six Seed Sixth in the Six Major Paris 2018 wins the 8th season of the champion.

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▲ G2 The Brazilian team won the FaZe Clan, a team of sports, with a winning seat, where it is significant. Directly or healing – — "I can not imagine the G2 Sports tactic," he said, "they will be the" G2 Sports Team ". It is enough to manage ESL professional league.

From here we will conduct an interview with G2 Sports Pengu player after the victory. How does the Pengu players around the world watch Nara's fight? Additionally, I find an exaggerated question like "defeating G2 Sports".

The other party has frightened us and strengthened G2.


– The final game of the FaZe Clan game was depicting a long game game 3, but G2 Sports was still very good. The second map was a victory, but how did it fight and fight really?

PenguIt was not an easy victory. Without a doubt, the second plane coast is easy, because it has confidence, but the edge of the First Map was quite painful. Team mate Has done very well with individual individual performance and believing in each other,Actually, I thought it was very scary and it was not easy.

– In the seventh season, at Six Parides, there was a game that was suddenly baptized. Especially in the United States with 7 final 7 finals, the Brazilian team was surprising, and in fact, G2 Espot lost the power of Team Liquid. Although I think that this pressure has taken place in this remote time environment, I still think it was as far from the past.

PenguI have confidence in the 7 season and in this Six Major PAris this year, I'm safer than I am. Besides, it seemed like the fear of our opponents, I think it is possible to take advantage of the other party's fear. I think the other party was afraid of G2 Sports and I think it has strengthened us.


It can be said, internationally, that there is no opportunity to watch the G2 Sports wins tactics. If you are not the G2 Sports player, how do you suppose to die for G2 Sports?

PenguI think it is useless if you are afraid. More than anything else to play "your game". In the FaZe Clan game, in the case of the Nara Association, it was probably a third maid
But I think he brought it. I think Evil Geniuses, Team Secret and Nara Association are the best teams.

– Tell us about your Nara association's game at this time.

PenguThe last three contests are everywhere with the Nara association. I also played in the RAGE championship. When I saw this success I felt I grew up among 5 to 6 teams across the globe.

– Finally, send a message to Japanese fan community.

PenguAlthough I was in RAGE in Japan, I got a very bad and valuable experience. There is an excellent fan base in Japan. The Nara Association showed its soul in this tournament. Wokka is a sophisticated player. Thank you!

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