Wednesday , December 8 2021

PS5 Dedicated Disk Report Can’t Be Extracted When Embedded in Japanese Version of PS4 -Engadget



Sony’s new PS5 gaming machine remains in short supply, and some may say they only bought the game first. If you are thinking of putting this disc on a PS4, you should be careful. The PSU European gaming website reports on the user experience that I couldn’t get out when I put a PS5 game disc on the PS4.

According to a report on the PSU, this user has yet to release the main PS5 unit (released on the 19th), while the PS5 “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” PS5 exclusive game has already been released. So I inserted this disc into the PS4 and tried to check if the PS4 could read the PS5 disc or access the PS4 version of the game (I hoped the PS4 version would also fit on the disc). yes.

As a result, this user’s PS4 was unable to read the disc, and stopped reading and prevented the disc from being ejected.

As for the situation, the PS4 tried to read the PS5 disc in “Miles Morales” but failed, and then when I pressed the eject button nothing happened … At the time of writing the article is not an unknown cause, but it is speculated that the disk check failed due to an infinity it cannot be moved to expel processing.

Fortunately, however, the PS4 series has a screw that allows the disc to be ejected manually (the method differs depending on the model name), so this user has managed to safely eject the disc. Since the PS5 game disc is for the PS5, there is no doubt that it is safe to avoid putting it on the PS4.

They have announced that if you buy the PS4 version of Sony’s “Miles Morales” and “Horizon Forbidden West”, you can get the PS5 version at no extra cost, but the PS5 version’s disc contains data running on the PS4. Even if you plan to upgrade in the future, PS4 users who want to buy the latest games now should be careful not to inadvertently buy the PS5 version and not put it on the PS4.

Source: PSU

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