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Rakuten Okoeri, can’t be pushed back / Fujio Tamura – Fujio Tamura’s Farm Report – Baseball Column: Daily Sports


◇ 17. ◇ Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki

Fujio Tamura, 61, a daily sports critic, sent a loving dry specimen to his junior to his alma mater Kanto Daiichira. I didn’t forget the close battle of outfielder Rui Okoe (23 = Kanto Daiichi), who finished first in Rakuten’s 15-year playoffs and in his fifth year as a professional.

Nice junior in the baseball world. When I saw the battle, I honestly thought “Eh”. Before explaining the situation, I would like to tell Okoeri. “I can’t hit if I avoid the strike and feel like I’m leaning back.” It’s about this word.

The success of 4 strokes was 1. The second-place finish in Hanshin’s draft is No. 4 since the full count, and in the middle of the right arm of the second-year professional, Tomokiya Saito (Yamagata Chuo-Kirikage Yokohama University-Honda), the slip can be quickly avoided. I got lost with a move like that.

On the 3rd, the outside slide comes out of the number 2-2, but the slide that enters the 1-0 route is seen again to feel calm. This is a chance ball. It’s not about avoiding the story.

By the time I threw the sliders in seats 2 and 3, my body was reacting. I didn’t see the ball until the end. This makes it impossible to identify the ball. I have to concentrate on the ball until the end, without closing the ball early.

As you know, I dare to stand out here. If you’re afraid of the ball in the course, you can never hit it. When I was active, I used the course to instill fear and was desperate to catch my breath. Whether Kiyohara or a foreign player. If you attack the batter hard and lift the upper body, you experience a ball that changes to the outside angle. High school baseball players can also understand that.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a hard course ball. If you avoid it, you have a chance to play it yourself. Maybe in the past the ball was dead and the fear couldn’t be eradicated. However, it must be overcome. Otherwise, being active as a professional is a dream come true.

From 1-1, he was 4th in the draft in 2018, and in the 2nd year of the pros, he crossed the outside straight of Riku Kawahara (20 = Soseikan) in his left arm and hit second base. The swing for the outside ball was very strong. Therefore, I took possession of the outside ball, but I had the impression that I was not aware of the course or that I was not good at it.

At one point that day I left my right side open and took my time while waving my bat. I feel like I’m trying different things. Swing is not a bad thing. It’s been five years since I got a lot of attention from Koshien and I got into first place in the draft. There is still no career in an army. As I expected, the words became warm as they looked down. However, as of now, I can’t go back if I feel bent over. I want to understand this word well.

The final day of the Miyazaki Phoenix League will be a report by Yakult-Hanshin (Ivy) on the 18th. (Sports critic of the day)

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