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[봄나들이 활력소] High bioavailability, vitamin B consumption


Daewoong Pharmaceutical & Impact Tamin & # 39;

[아시아경제 서소정 기자] Vitamin B is more lacking when energy consumption is higher than normal, in daily life with many strain, night shift and lack of sleep. Vitamin B groups participate in metabolic activities, for example, the production of energy in the body and the production of antibacterial immunity, and when fatigue in our body is consumed more than usual.

Daewoong Pharm-in-Impact Tamin & # 39; has won 18,700 million in 2016; He won 23,500 million in 2017 and earned 29,000 million in 2018, and began to grow in 2007.

Impactamin benfotiamine is a bioavailability of thiamine 8 times higher than normal and is 4 times greater than fur sulfitamine, so taking a product with these vitamins is effective when it is also consumed in small amounts.

Impactamin has used high quality raw materials to minimize pimples and smell. It is a product that minimizes oil and miniaturizing tablets, by applying a distinctive formulation technology to reduce the content of vitamin B against the light and moisture. In particular, vitamin B groups can be consumed 5 to 10 times higher than consumption-optimized consumption, which is expected to be a preventative and treatment-related illness, that is, with recommended intake prevention (R & D).

Daewoong Pharm launched "Impact Tammin Power" in 2009, which is optimized after launching "Impact Tammin Jung" in 2007, helping to alleviate stomatitis in 2007, "Impact Tammin Premium," "Impact Tammin Silver." & # 39; Thump Power A + Immediately & # 39; and there were eleven bands spread. In March last year, "Impact Tammin Care & # 39; At six years of age, he has released three symptoms.

Recently produced Impact Taming Care is aimed at those who drink more than 30 years of age and smoke, and takes a lot of caffeine, such as coffee. In particular, vitamins B6, B9 and B12 can help prevent and manage metabolism diseases, which are in the largest number of Korean generic medicines.

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