Saturday , December 4 2021

Finally the Busan elections … democracy "Active promotion"· New People’s Power ‘Nonchi’ / YTN-YTN


  1. Finally, the elections in Busan … democratic “active promotion” · warn the power of the people ‘/ YTNYTN news
  2. Will a new airport in Gadeokdo be revived … Daegu, Honam and Gyeonggi are also excitingChosun Ilbo
  3. People’s power, “Is the new Gimhae airport canceled to take advantage of the elections in Busan?”Hankyoreh
  4. The new Gimhae airport has almost been canceled … “Gadeokdo special law” vs. “Inconsistency” / YTNYTN news
  5. Is Gimhae New Airport a “basic review” because there aren’t many issues? A curious conclusion from the checklistChosun Ilbo
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