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NH Nonghyup Life has launched the “New NH Insurance for Cancer” and has earned £ 50 million to support a cancer drug treatment license that it supports.


Photo = NH Nonghyup Life Insurance

NH Nonghyup Life announced on May 6 that it will launch a “new NH Cancer Insurance” that has raised $ 50 million that attacks growth for licensed cancer drug treatment funds and spreads only by selecting cancer cells.

This product is part of a mandatory contract for minor cancers, such as thyroid cancer and prostate cancer, which are classified as minor cancers based on the main contract. The subscription age is between 15 and 75 years, and the maximum subscription limit is 30 million won for 10 million won units based on the main contract.

In the main contract for the diagnosis of small amounts of cancer and enrollment in special medicines (gang, bigang, mu) they have earned 10 million each, they have won 10 million in thyroid cancer, they have won 6 million in prostate cancer, other skin cancer, intravenous colon cancer, in situ cancer , they gained 3 million border tumors (one for the first time).

In addition, in the case of a diagnosis of general cancer, the full amount of the insurance premiums already paid in the main contract is refunded, as is the diagnosis insurance. In the case of a type of non-renewal of the main contract, even for the diagnosis of two main diseases (cerebral haemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction), a special contract may be chosen that returns the full amount of the main contract insurance premiums during the payment period.

If you register a special drug to re-diagnose cancer, you can alleviate your concern about recurring cancer. If you are diagnosed with cancer and re-diagnosed with cancer two years later, additional insurance will be paid. Even if the cancer is not cured, you can continue to receive cancer diagnosis fees every two years until you are cured.

In particular, people who have not been able to register for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer can easily register, and hospitalization, additional surgery and examination within 3 months, hospitalization and surgery within 2 years, cancer diagnosis within 5 years, etc. If there are no relevant items in all three notification items, you can sign up.

Hong Jae-eun CEO said: “The cost of cancer treatment is high compared to the average life expectancy. I hope everyone enjoys the benefit that anyone can comfortably receive treatment with this new product.”

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