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Nintendo & # 39; Sword Shield & # 39; He released the new Pokémon

The Pocket Monster Formula series returns Nintendo Wiira. Nintendo's Pocket Monster Sword & # 39; and "Pocket Monster Shield & # 39; movies & # 39; Pokemon Direct & # 39; a live streaming video at 11:00 a.m., on February 27. The new Pokémon game will be released worldwide this winter.

Pocket Monster Sword Shield is the last Pokémon series. Last year at Pocket Monster Retsu! Unlike Pikachu · Yves & # 39; Pokemon is completely new. It shows advanced 3D graphics rather than the Retsugo series, featuring a new stage and Pokémon.

The Pokémon series is based on the Karar region. Karal province is vast, landscapes, modern cities, magnificent pastures and rugged snow. It is inspired by modern England. Nintendo introduced people in the Karar region and Pokémon working together and developing industries.

A new Pokémon also appears in the province of Garar. In the video, three Pokémon are chosen to be Pokémon as the first partner. The player can choose from the game Kind Monkey Pokemon & # 39; Heung Nang & # 39 ;, Pokemon & # 39; Bonny Bunny & # 39; Rabbit, and Water Lizard Pokemon "Ulmer".

This new work, like the previous series, is a new Pokemon partner and has become a gym, whose main goal is to be the champion's goal. The details of the games are not disclosed, according to the public image, it will be maintained as a previous series of fighting between wild Pokémon and random systems, unlike the Retsgo series borrowed from high Pokémon.

Pokemon Sword Shield GameFreak Director Shigeru Omori has said: "We are developing this work on the most powerful issue in Pokémon, and we are evaluating the" Pokémon "we have accumulated so far. We hope your adventure in Le province."

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