Monday , November 29 2021

With the MacBook Air M1, what are the report cards received from foreign media?


Since Apple recently released and released several products, various media outlets publish reviews of Apple product reviews on a daily basis. Recently, several foreign media outlets have published their opinion on the MacBook Air with the M1 chip. When Apple’s ambitious work was presented at a special event, the evaluation of the MacBook Air will include an M1 chip.

Why does the M1 chip attract attention?
First, a number of Mac products were unveiled at Apple’s special event. However, many people showed more interest in the M1 chip than in Mac products. This is because it is the first PC processor manufactured by Apple.

At a public event, Apple announced that it will increase CPU performance by 3.5 times, GPU performance by 6 times and machine learning performance by 15 times. Along with being Apple’s first PC processor, it attracted the attention of many consumers in terms of performance.

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What about the evaluation of foreign media?
TechCrunch, a US IT support company, compared the performance of the MacBook Air with the M1 chip and the Intel MacBook chip. In the product evaluation process, web browsing and web video playback scripts were run together. As a result, the performance of the MacBook Air has been seen to be 25% better.

Also, in 4k / 60 video playback, the brightness was set to 50% and used for 20 hours. However, the disadvantage is that the battery life is short (16 hours).

American tech support Engadget has rated the MacBook Air as having excellent performance and portability thanks to the M1 chip. The speed is very fast and there is no noise as the product is not supplied with a fan. Overall, this is a product that Apple has taken seriously to improve hardware and software with Mac products.

However, it is unfortunate that the quality of the webcam is very low at 720p, and only two USB-C ports are supported.

The U.S. new IT website The Verge also noted the disadvantage of the very low resolution of the webcam. It seems that Apple tried to show the real-time processing feature applied to the iPhone on the MacBook Air, but still the quality of the webcam was poor.

However, since the processor was switched from Intel to M1, there is a high possibility of several problems, such as an error or slowdown in running an application, but there was no problem with the MacBook Air. Therefore, it is appreciated that Apple has put a lot of effort into the process of integrating the processor and has tried to provide a great user experience.

Another U.S. tech media, Mashable, has cited the strengths of the MacBook Air with its excellent battery life and low price, and the disadvantages include low-resolution web games and third-party applications that increase battery consumption.

Overall, he explained that the MacBook Air didn’t show much innovation in terms of user experience than the existing MacBook. However, for those who are loyal to Apple, if they want to change the product from the old model to the new model, it is a product worth buying.

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