Monday , November 29 2021

Along with Tieto Latvia IT company is Evry Latvia – Offices – Financenet


The legal merger process between Tieto Latvia and Evry Latvia, launched in January, is linked to the global merger of the Finnish information technology company Tieto and the Norwegian Evry to form the leading Nordic digital services and software processing company TietoEvry. The global strategy is implemented with the aim of creating value for shareholders through innovation-oriented investments, as well as exploiting revenue and cost synergies.

It is planned to implement the process of consolidation and integration in the business group by 2022,

at the same time, it was planned to merge the group companies in Latvia in 2020.

I am pleased to announce that the process of legal unification has been completed, which represents significant growth for the development of TietoEVRY in Latvia. Now, global success shows that we are able to combine more than 1,000 talented specialists and innovative technologies, positioning ourselves as one of Latvia’s leading exporters. The merger of companies will only strengthen our position and make the work more efficient, ”says Valērija Vārna SIA Chairman of the Board of the Information Technology Company Tieto Latvia.

SIA “Evry Latvia”, which specializes in the administration, maintenance and provision of information technology systems to users, as well as the provision of other support subcontracting services, ceases to be a separate legal entity after its merger. All rights and obligations of the company are assumed by SIA Tieto Latvia, which offers digital services and software products in the local market and internationally.

TietoEVRY is a leading digital services and software products company in northern countries with a strong presence in the local market and global capabilities. TietoEVRY offers digital benefits and full-cycle services to businesses and society. TietoEVRY is headquartered in Finland with nearly 24,000 employees worldwide, and the company serves thousands of corporations and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. The company has a turnover of approximately three billion euros and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as in Oslo Børs.

Until now SIA “Tieto Latvia” and SIA “EVRY Latvia” operated in Latvia, and already in the summer of 2020 they started the process of legal consolidation. By the end of this process, the joint venture has become one of the largest information technology companies in Latvia, offering services in the local market and internationally.

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