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Continuing trials and survival – Diabetes patients found their daily lives


Although Diabetes is expanding in Latvia, data from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control indicate that in 2017 91,571 ill-treated patients in Latvia still have many prejudices and myths about illness and society. Also, many people do not understand the progress of symptoms and illness, and the importance of strengthening the capacity of people with diabetes in their daily life, sensitivity and critical situations.

Most people are not able to imagine the daily life of diabetic patients. In order to pay attention to the public, the Latvian Diabetes Center has launched a social campaign that is "more astonishing than diabetes," since the community's ether identity has been felt in the patient's skin; Diabetic Krista Teivane and Rodrigo Uldriķis have clearly expressed their experience.

Rodrigo Uldriq, at the age of 15, with Jelgava, discovered a type of diabetes of type 3 at the age of 3. "I do not remember at the beginning, I began to remember the age of 5, but I think that parents are probably shocked," says Rodriguez, and it is a disease that will help you heal diabetes and your well-being. "I do not know what diabetes is going on. Every day, I keep blood sugar levels, when I eat sweets, I take insulin as often as I need it. Sugar levels dramatically decrease and increase in many cases, although they can not read specific appliance measuring instruments. Indicators. If you think the reaction is slower, your vision becomes blurred, if you rub your head, I know you should do something right now, "Rodrigo shared with his diabetes experience. At the same time, diabetes does not prevent youngsters from leaving their sports activities, on the contrary: "I am very pleased to have an athlete and drive. At school, I'm doing sport," says young people.

Rodrigo's classmates and other classmates have already found and approved the disease at school. "I know the peers have diabetes, they were interested in the beginning, but then they started to use, and now they do not see it. Also, miraculously, I have never left school," says Rodrigo. The guy is still young, he does not develop different side effects and complications, and perhaps because of his youth, even if the athlete is on the back of the sugar, it is the manifestation of diabetes.

Conversely, Krista Teivane, a founder and leader in the Latvian center with 28-year-old Diabetes, has another experience. "Sport: if you have cardiovascular activities, the level of sugar goes down, if the strength is done – the level of sugar rises. You must have the highest math all the time, how much you eat, how much you eat, how much time you need to run, sugar in hot times During the fall, stress goes up – we take every action, the level of sugar changes, you can not relax for a moment, you can not use insulin spray or measuring device. You know that you need to tighten a little bit after two hours of exercise but eat what you need to think about, what carbohydrate you take. In my case, stress is constant, "your" is fighting against diabetes "Christ says.

Diabetes often can not be seen by people. "Of course, I do not know people, I do not know if I do not know about diabetes, I can not relax for a moment, at night. It's a must-see, you must climb, sometimes three or four times, you need to measure the sugar. I can not measure it, but at the same time, I wake up being bad. Fortunately, I woke up all the time. If it were not, it would be a hypoglycemic coma to cause serious brain damage and to kill it. "That's Christ. She admits that she does not respect her feelings and the control of her life-related illness, however, health problems can all be worse at any moment.

If a person has heard of the symptoms of diabetes, this is the chance to protect people. Although suspected only, it is important to say the doctor. Can be saved from hospital admission. When a person does not have insulin, while eating the energy they eat does not reach the body, he does not achieve any goals; As a result, cells are starving, but more sugar is circulating in the blood. It also affects the natural reaction of the body: sweet blood is thirsty for dilution. When cells are hungry, a person eats a lot, but feels tired and loses weight. Especially significant thirst should be taken into account at night. Children should also be vigilant, when weight loss is not exercising when a rule is not properly treated, especially when children grow older.

"It was not a case," Christ remembers, "family physician measures the sugar level of the baby and the device shows" Hi. "Once" Hi ", for the second time," Hi ", the doctor miracles and does not understand and judges something that will disintegrate It means "high", so there is a high level of steel that displays the device ("high" – high, "hi" – hello in English). When sending blood samples to the laboratory, he lost consciousness of the child and entered the hospital. Even though doctors do not have information on diabetes signs, and people do not know what to do in situations. "

Latvia's children have basic cases for patients with diabetes, but the Lavija Diabetes Center acknowledges that making decisions requires proper compensation for drug products. Adults only compensate for 75 percent, but this is not just insulin. In a pharmacy, each needle is distributed with a needle to run for a few weeks or a month, although it needs to be changed daily. Also in stitched strips. In addition, there are sensors that take a skin needle, insert it into the interior fluid, scan it and then analyze it on a special screen, allowing sugar and, above all, a tendency to appear. Such devices cost around 160 euros a month – only measures.

The Children's Hospital offers "Diabetes School" training to find out how children can live with diabetes, parents and others. Doctors recognize schools, nursery schools and nursery specialists to face up to the current situation in trying to create a special day. "This is important to talk about it. Maybe a campaign will not make a general change, but it will probably come to heart without losing prejudice and fear, if you do not improve the quality of a person's life, but you can save one's life," recalls the association heads .

In this article you will learn how to recognize diabetes.

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