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Evija reappears Weberk – a new video shows a visible singer –

On Wednesday, February 27, a new musician Avoid Weber He has published the video of the song About tightness, from the album Sirdsbūt. This is the final album Sirdsbūt The song, but the album received a reward Gold microphone 2019 the best alternative and indie music album In the video, Evija Woer describes the most important aspects of the human world in the virtual and physical world. Also, this time, he has been surprised by the likes of the listeners as well as the likes of the video, as well as the unique sound.

Evias won popularity in social networks and in the second, Evija Weber felt the desire to express the performance of the song "Celebration Day". They celebrated the centenary concert of that year.

"In the music video story, two aspects of a person's personality are met: virtual and physical, each one of which is completely independent and independent, which has given us some kind of expression for empirical consciousness, the virtual world is a unique opportunity to take pictures, shapes and other provocations. If our virtual provocations match our true moral identity? However, in this story we live in the dominance of virtual reality, like a mirror, becomes for us – slow idleness and self-destruction of our true conscience – portal day Rihards Gecis, director of cinema.

Last December, a new song Snieges Prauliņš and Edgar Shubrovsky was released IzolettaEvija Weber. This song, at the same time, will be followed by the director, Andra Gauja, "Nothing will stop us". At that time, the singer song song, Evija Weber, was criticized critically YouTube More than 35,000 people heard and the song was highly criticized.

What will the audience do about this performance?

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