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“I can pay for dinner at the restaurant and a visit to the SPA!” The love show Inga shows behind an appointment with the gourmet Gunārs


In the tenth session of “Next Stop: Love,” we met 51-year-old Inga, and she went on a date with 58-year-old Gunārs. The participants in the show are different with different goals and perspectives on life. Inga talks about her ideal man, life values, interests and a 27-year marriage.

In an interview with, Inga reported that she still believes that the show’s partner is Gunārs with a very colorful personality.

In the love show, Gunārs tries to guess the size of his gourmet partner’s chest

“It was a pleasure to be behind the wheel, I focused on driving and I realized it was a show, we couldn’t talk about a romantic acquaintance, we’re completely different,” Inga explains.

The show’s audience laughed and announced that he had “agreed” with one thing with Gunārs – they both think they are not on the way.

“Why did I say NO? We didn’t have a point of contact. I can pay for dinner at the restaurant and SPA myself. I don’t have to use the hospitality of the show. I think the arguments – free entertainment doesn’t work,” says Inga.

Inga also added that he did not take them to Gunārs bus station, they returned to Riga overnight.

“I want Guns to find her happiness. We were incompatible in all areas, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a suitable woman somewhere,” Ingak wants to show the couple.

Inga is happy that her son, born at the age of 27, is happy that her mother is involved in the show, and it’s no wonder her mother does all sorts of miracles.


“I recently returned to my mother’s last name, and their children also received it positively. I have wonderful children, my ex-husband and I created sons to be proud of. I still have a good relationship with the former, we have nothing to share, too – live so well we’ve been together, ”Inga is pleased.

Speaking about what he wants from men, Inga stated that man’s attitude towards women and life is important. We cannot forget the mind, the usual subjects of conversation.

It’s important for the participant in the show that the man doesn’t care what he eats. Ingari likes cooking, it’s a way to pamper her, but if she doesn’t tell the gentleman what to eat, she can’t express it in cooking.


There must be common interests, points of contact. Relationships are a two-way movement – they both need to build and want to. I don’t need a person next to me, to be like that, I want love. I have two girlfriends, one was married for the third time since the age of 60, the other was married for the second time since the age of 60, and they both feel as happy as ever. Everything is still ahead, ”says Inga.

In the summer, participants in the show signed up for “Tinder”. He also managed to go to two appointments, but he always liked it, but not to his master, or vice versa.

Inga thinks maybe a gentleman would like to see her after watching the show, but she can’t get to know him in public because of the face mask.

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“I like to play head games. I go to the sauna twice a month – I can drink. In the summer I crossed the lake with a rope in Alūksne, I’m also ready to jump with a parachute. Sometimes I like extreme leisure,” laughs Inga, feeling young at any age. announcing that you are, because age is not determined by passport data, but by inner feelings.

A woman likes to go outside the Riga on holiday and enjoy nature, sit by the river and relax as she watches the water. Almost all of Latvia has left, natural objects and traces have been visited.

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