Wednesday , December 8 2021

Latvian and Allied Armed Forces aircraft fly over Latvian cities during national holiday


“We do not have any solemn events this year, but we want to please society as much as possible and on November 18, the Latvian state’s birthday, our friends and allies will be with us every day. Since Latvia joined NATO, the Alliance guards the Baltic airspace every day. and they will be there on November 18, confirming their presence and support, ”Defense Minister Artis Pabriks stressed.

The commander of the National Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš, is pleased: and friendly ”.

In good weather on the 12th Riga Daugava, on the slope of November 11, two “Mi-17” Air Force helicopters and two “An-2” aircraft and two “Agusta 109E Power” helicopters and two “Agusta Bell 119” State Border Guards will fly they. The flight will also be attended by two German and Italian Air Force destroyers, Eurofighter, which guards NATO airspace over the Baltic and supplies US Air Force KC-135 aircraft. Also, the destroyer of the Turkish Air Force “F-16” will hold a demonstration along the coast of the Gulf of Riga, flying around Jurmala.

After the flight over Riga, the plane will fly over several Latvian cities. “Eurofighter” will fly two destroyers of the German Air Force over Cesis and Valmiera, and “Eurofighter” will fly over two destroyers of the Italian Air Force – Daugavpils.

The U.S. Air Force will fly over Jelgava, Liepaja and Ventspils to supply the “KC-135”.

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the proclamation of National Independence on 18 November, the 17th National Guard Support Battalion will conduct a procession of 21 nations from the AB Dam.

From 17 November to 15:00 to 19:00 at 8:00 there will be naval ships A-53 “Virsaitis” and A-90 “Varonis” next to the Daugavan Vanšu Bridge, and between the Vanšu and Akmens bridges there will be Navy KA-06 ships. “Gaisma” and KA-08 “Saule” in festive design.

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