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Risk prevents quizzes under Riga orphan's court Article / LSM.LV


At the meeting of the Riga City Council on Wednesday, November 21, the president of Aridios Krasnogolovs, Judge Riga, and Inesi Ērgli, were replaced unexpectedly. Before the end of the seat, the opposition members denied the amount they required to vote. This means that, for several weeks, the orphan's court has been able to work without a chairman.

Riga Uharteko court judge Aivars Krasnogolovs and Ines Ergle's deputies will end after two weeks and weeks. In law, the new Orphan's Court Administration has already been selected, but it has not happened in some cases.

The interim decision of the Zurich judicial administration has been delayed several times. On Wednesday after more than two hours, the problem of the selection of the Orphan's Administrative Court was carried out at the end of the City Hall session, and a ten minute break was announced. After that, it was not the voter.

Noticing that the seats are not in the room, voting cards were taken by members of the opposition.

"We use all the tools that we use, thus addressing our position and position," explained Vilnis Ķirsis ("Unity"), a member of the Riga City Council.

Riga Nils Ušakovs ("Harmony") both said – "If we throw away many important things and opinions, it is different, because it is an unexpected quorum, there are not two deputies, it's not correct."

The main opposition against the opposition is the competition of this post.

"The Children's Rights Inspection has found serious violations and mistakes that the City Council will not automatically move to elections, but in this case it will organize a competition," said Jurģis Klotiņš (National Trade Union), a member of the Riga City Council.

As a result, the Ordinary Court of Riga will have courts in real time, after the next one-month-old Town Hall.

"My mandate will end on December 10, which means that they will not be decided by that date, nor an orphan's court," said Krasnogolov.

This will nominate a host.


On November 6, after a series of unsuccessful trials, Riga City Council appointed Riga Orphan's judge and his next deputy chairman in the third round.

The Riga orphan's court is the largest in Latvia and should be another model of orphan's courts. The Orfe court, Aivars Krasnogolov and vice president of Ines Ergle, have again chosen the summer. Initially, the Domestic Committee did not fully comply with all the requirements for reorganization of the Orphanage Court, in accordance with the law, but later criticized the National Stabilization of Children by oversight of the work of orphans.

The Orphanage Lawsuit has been in charge of Aivars Krasnogolov since 2008. On 19 November 1964, the Council voted to be its nominee.

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