Wednesday , December 8 2021

Spanish footballers cause Germany the worst loss of 89 years / day


Spanish footballers showed up in a game like the big tournaments from 2008 to 2012, but Germany suffered its biggest defeat since 1931.

It was a small consolation for Manuel Nuer, as he became the goalkeeper who had many games with the German team with 96 games.

“It’s a big disappointment for everyone,” Noiers told German television station ARD.

“I’m a member of the team. We’re playing a game together. There was little body language and communication around. We needed to talk more after we met the first goal,” he explained.

Luisa Enrikes took the lead after 17 minutes, as a result of Alvaro Morata’s awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right. In the 33rd minute Torres exploded for the first time, Dani Olmo was the first to bounce in his direction after hitting his head, but another five minutes later Rodri hit his head in the second corner.

Spain’s performance was overshadowed by injuries to the knee ligaments of Serhio Canales and Serhio Ramos, forcing him to leave the pitch.

After the break, Spain maintained their dominance, with Tores scoring a goal and José Gaya scoring in the 55th minute and a 71st minute after Ruissen.

After 89 minutes, Mikels Ojarzavals came on for Noiera.

“All the players dream of getting a trio, which makes me very happy against Germany,” Torres said.

“We didn’t let them play the whole game. We got the initiative from the first minute. We knew it would be difficult because they only had to draw to win the team, but we had a perfect match,” he rejoiced at the performance.

“I’m happy with the sport this season, and I’d like to continue next year as well,” added Toress, looking forward to the best tournament of the four teams next year. “Now we can enjoy the result and then prepare for the quarterfinals.”

“It’s a tough skin. As we’ve seen, we’ve failed,” said German coach Joachim Lev. “We wanted to be brave and play offensively, but it didn’t work out. After 0: 1, we completely abandoned our game concept. Without organization, without communication.”

The last time Germany lost to Austria was 0: 6 on May 24, 1931 in Berlin.

In Lucerne another team match between Switzerland and Ukraine was canceled due to Covid-19 and the Ukrainian national team.

Spain won the team by 11 points, Germany by nine points, Ukraine by six points and Switzerland by three points, which will determine what should be left in the hands of Group B of the League of Nations.

France also secured a place in the final, beating Sweden 4: 2 (2: 1).

With 16 points France could not get Portugal 3: 2 (0: 1) away against Croatia. Portugal, the winners of the first tournament of the League of Nations, scored 13 points, Croatia and Sweden scored three points and the Swedes were left out of the team.

The Swedes expected Viktor Klēson’s goal in the fourth minute, but the next had to wait 84 minutes when Robin Kweisen came on 23.

However, the French scored two goals for Olivier Giruo in the 16th and 59th minutes, as well as Benjamin Cook and Kingsley Coman’s “goals” in the 36th minute and the fifth minute of the match clearance time, respectively, confirming that they were too strong for the Swedes now.

Croatia with a second yellow card from Marko Roga reduced their chances of continuing in Group A in the 51st minute, when the result after Mateo Kovačičen’s program in the 29th minute became 1-0.

A minute later, the negative turned into a 1: 1 result when Rubens Diasis sent the ball into the goal after a penalty by Krištianas Ronalds. In the 60th minute Juan Felix nominated the guests. In the 65th minute, Kovačič’s second goal equalized, but the Portuguese beat Dias in the 90th minute.

In the C1 team, the Latvian opponent won in October, in the Montenegrin test game, destroyed Cyprus 4: 0 (3: 0) and will move to Group B.

Aleksandars Boljevičs scored two goals, Steven Jovetičs and Stefan Mugosa each. The match was 3: 0 in the 28th minute.

In Tuesday’s second team match, Luxembourg played 0-0 at home to Azerbaijan. In the second half of the first half of the compensation period, Danels Sinani did not impose an 11-meter penalty.

The victory of the Luxembourgers was also not enough, as Montenegro won the team with 13 points. 10 points went to Luxembourg, six – to Azerbaijan, but four points and the way for the Latvian team to Group D – Cyprus.

In another D2 match, the winner was not determined in the match between Gibraltar and Liechtenstein – 1: 1 (1: 1).

Liechtenstein took advantage of themselves to get into Group C, with Noah Frommelt scoring the ball into his own net in the 17th minute. Noah Friks tied the score in the 44th minute, and 1-0 would give Liechtenstein the victory in the team.

Gibraltar scored eight points in four games, Liechtenstein five points, and Latvia’s last opponent in the San Marino test game – two points.

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