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Ventspils offers first place in the regular league championship in the Latvian and Estonian leagues

The inhabitants of Ventspils won the Tallinn Championship with Tallinn 91:82 points (26:24, 19:18, 22:27, 24:13) Kalev / Cramo.

Ventspils Rihards Lomažs scored 23 points, Maris Gulbis scored 21 points and Jonathan Erledz and Usman Drame scored 14 points and had 13 rebounds.

Invited by 21 points and ten balls under the basket, Arnets Multrijs noted.

Ventspils players started with a 11-point break, but the guests were soon set off and won only two points in the first quarter (26:24). The first half of the second quarter has also been a success for the hosts, and has taken some breakthroughs to 12 points. It's true, this time the Tallinists refused Ventspils In the first semester they won 45:42.

During the second semester of the year, leaderships were often changed and demanding on the pitch, but when the game was over, Ventspils were cooler. Captain Maris Gulbis advanced eight minutes before half time before the end of time. In the meantime, guests responded with unsuccessful attacks, Ventspils celebrating victory

In this game, the victory of Kurzemeists means that the regular tournament will be Latvian vice champion VEF Riga.

The units met in the first season of the season when the Estonian champion won 97:85 Kalev / Cramo. It's true, since then, it's better for Ventspils to win over the next 27 games that they're better off than the Tallinn unit has suffered three losses.

Likewise, the order of place in the league's consolidated league will determine positions in the Latvian Championship Exclusive Campaign Table.

Singing Jurmala / Betsafe The sixth champion of the sixth position in the state, struggling at 89:95 (27:14, 16:28, 25:25, 21:28). University of Tartu

Sunday at Rapla Useful Tips he will win Latvian UniversityMariners will exclude the exclusion championship.

Kristaps Mediss won 20 points in Latvian, 14 points for Uis Pinethi and 12 points for Laurim Blau.

In the first round, the sailors had a fiasque at 59:79.

Even today Ogre In his field 92:71 (29:19, 31: 8, 13:20, 19:24) beat Valmiera Glass/Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences basketball player

For Ogren, the most successful result was Jānis Pozņaks, with 18 points, and 16 points with Edgars Lasenbergs and Kristaps Dārgais, with nine strikers.

Ogre Kaspars Berzins returned the order, but Rihards Zbergs did not finish the trauma.

In the Valmiera team, with 20 points and seven balls, Jānis Engers joined the baskets.

The Ogrenians have already achieved fourth place in the overall standings. Following questions, Valmiera has not yet participated in the competition for the exclusion of the Latvian Championship. True, probably, it will be his biggest competitor Liepaja he will win on Sunday Kalev / Cramoso it can be said safely.

The first lap of both teams Ogre 86:71.

Another match in Tallinn TalTech They took home at 78: 66 (20:24, 20:10, 19:15, 19:17) Heze-Valka/Maks & Moorits basketball players

The regular Latvian League of Latvia and Estonia will end on Sunday.

The Latvia-Estonian league overall wins 28 wins at 28 games VentspilsWith 26 victories, there are still 28 matches VEF Riga, the third in Tallinn, with 24 meetings, with 24 victories Kalev / CramoBut in the fourth, he won the fourth in 28 battles Ogre16 successes with 28 matches and Tallinn TalTech. They have won 28 wins in the first three wins University of Tartu, 13 successes on May 28 coastal/BetsafeBut behind, he was successful in the 27 battles of Rapla Useful Tips, Parnu The port and Tallinn Kalev/ TLU.

Meanwhile, with 27 wins in 27 matches, he is 11th Latvian UniversityBut there are eight of 28 games Valmiera Glass/Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences row with a seventh victory, with the team Liepaja But seven successes in 28 battles Valga-Valka / Maks & Moorits drive In the meantime, in 28 wins he closes two wins Jēkabpils /

There are 15 teams in this season for the Latvian League and the Estonian League League.

In this tournament, the teams will have two rounds of conflicts and then take part in eighth rounds in the last four championships or Fourth Final Participants that will compete in Tallinn, April 5th and 6th Kalev / Cramo abode Saku Surhall. Likewise, both countries will have championship exclusion tournaments.

This year, for the first time since 2014, Latvian champions have become Latvian champions Ventspils Basketball players won a 4-2 season championship VEF Riga. Tallinn won the Estonian victory Kalev / CramoHe won 4-0 in the final University of Tartu

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