Wednesday , December 8 2021

… and the children of Mansour respond to Rima


Lawyer Walid Hanna, acting on behalf of Mansour Al-Rahbani’s children (Marwan, Ghadi and Osama), addressed the document to Rima Rahbani after the war “intensified an upheaval” against the children of Mansour. The statement went into the details of Lebanese law relating to intellectual, literary and artistic property, stating that “the owners of the rights to the (empowerment) works are only authors and composers, i.e. Assi and Mansour, and their descendants their heirs, all of them without exception, and their that permission must be sought to exploit or change any melody in speech “. The document added that the owners of the surrounding rights are those involved in these actions, namely Ms. Fairouz, and therefore her rights and role are “similar to the role and rights of any other heir with or without priority.” (Full acknowledgment)

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