Monday , November 29 2021

Apple has introduced a new feature for “podcast” fans … Find out what it is


Apple will now allow anyone to embed embedded podcast files online, which means you can watch more Apple Podcasts online, as Apple prepares to compete with other podcast players, as long as you can search for the podcast on the Apple Podcast website. If you want to insert, tap the episode you want to insert, tap the upload icon on the right, and select the icon, and then you’ll have the saved insertion icon, which can be pasted where you want the podcast to appear.

Depending on the “skyline” site, this feature on the surface may not seem like a massive change, but it could give Apple a more general visibility.

With this step, Apple will become the default player embedded in websites. It’s important that this can help keep Apple ahead of Spotify in terms of audience purchases on its platform, the more people it broadcasts from Apple, and the less it thinks about where it should be broadcast, that was it. Best for Apple.

It is worth noting that a podcast is a broadcast of audio or audio content available on the Internet, but is different from radio because it can be heard at any time and not broadcast live, as the podcast can also be in audio or video format. Car or transportation, or even in various activities such as activity or physical exercise.

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