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Conference on the future of the Arab world administration: Jordan as a model :: Nabateans


In the Arab world, Jordan talks about the future of management as a model
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Haitham Hegazy, former head of the Civil Service Office, gave a talk at the Alava Thought Forum, “The future of public administration in the Arab world: challenges and solutions – Jordan as a model”
Hegazy said in a speech moderated and attended by Forum Secretary General Muhammad Abu Hammour that our Arab region has many resources, but still has its weaknesses and shortcomings, and Jordan its geographical location, phosphates, potash and others, the richness and nature of archaeological sites distinguishes between geographical and climatic abundance. In addition to being human resources separate from their capabilities in a variety of areas.
He added that the available resources, skills and competencies are considered inexhaustible support, but it is important to manage these resources through rational management of available economic, material, human and technological resources and sincere will, which is the other side of necessary management.
Abu Hammour also said that the Arab region continues to face pressures of political tension and violence, economic pressures, high unemployment rates, demographic changes due to conflict waves and displacement and depletion of natural resources. He stated that the basis for the development of sustainable development is linked to economic policy reform and cooperation between the public sector, the private sector and civil society.
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