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Does the government see the light in hours?

Prior to breathing the formation of the government, in the middle of information about the high level of optimism about advertisements, within hours. The information for "Lebanon 24" indicates that "the entire decade before the birth of the government ended and Saad Hariri was appointed Prime Minister at Baabda Palace tonight."

This information, "Libanus Forces", accepted the media bag as part of the commitment undertaken by Mai Chidiace to keep up the culture of the Amal movement, while the industrial portfolio continued with the Progressive Socialist Party and the Free Patriotic Movement.

The NBN channel said "the coming government will see it clear in the next few hours," he said, "the composition of the congressional assembly representative has been completed and the Libyan Foreign Affairs Party has approved the Ministry of Information."

On the other hand, he mentioned the "LBCI" channel: "In response to the request of the president-appointed Saad Hari, the Government has made the Government, in response to the request of the President of the Nabih Berri, or for the exchange of media," said the spokesperson for the support of the media with guarantees "Quotation and request the necessary appointments. "

"It would be possible for Hariri to go to Baabda to form his government this afternoon, announcing a provisional agreement with Geago, an agreement for culture administrative development or the media," he said.

External links Edit source Wikimedia Commons has media related to: "Geagea Hariri" in "Maarabeko" solid republic ".

The Loyalty on Resistance Blockade, in the statement given, expects the next available positive data to be expected by the next government's birth: "The Lebanon's impression anticipates the government's urgency, and it is urgently needed to deal with serious problems and the crisis, despite the urgent need to do so, It is necessary to make an effort to be responsible, considering the increase in its work, taking into account the social and economic priorities within the program, it is thoughtful and productive.
"The government must fulfill its responsibilities at this stage with the necessary speed, wisdom, integrity and national responsibility".

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