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How effective is garlic extract in treating alopecia areata?



How effective is garlic extract in treating alopecia areata?

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Hair loss treatments do not create much confidence because the processes associated with hair loss are complex. Hair loss is often caused by the interaction of genetic factors and the environment.

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Scientists are still trying to understand the mechanisms that cause this aggravating situation in men and women. However, several studies have found that various natural solutions can effectively address the specific causes of hair loss. One of the most surprising findings may be the role that garlic extracts inhibit alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is known as an autoimmune condition, which means that the body’s immune system attacks healthy hair follicles, which greatly reduces it and slows down production dramatically to the point where hair growth can be interrupted.

According to the British Alopecia Areata Foundation, alopecia areata has one or more hairless patches the size of a coin on the scalp or other areas of the body.

A study published in the Kufa Medical Journal determined the effectiveness of the topical garlic extract in treating alopecia areata.

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At the end of the year, ten patients with a single or multiple patch of alopecia areata (18 points in total) were enrolled.

All patches were treated with topical garlic extract twice a day for two months, and the final hair growth (thick, thick hair, and pigmented skin) was assessed every two weeks.

All patients responded to treatment and by the end of the second week began to grow their hair in eight patches, in seven places within four weeks and in three spots within six weeks.

The researchers concluded that garlic is an effective and rapid topical treatment for alopecia areata. They stated that it was cheap, affordable, and had negligible side effects.

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