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Looking forward to establishing a custom dollar reduction in Sudan

Sudan's experts announced the military council with the agreement to recover the customs price of the dollar, lower prices and stabilization of living conditions, as well as other financial measures that restore the national economy.

The Customs-dollar revision directives, the announcements by the military council led by Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, have exacerbated the expectations of Council decisions by changing or reducing the customs value of the dollar.

President Sudan, one of the main reasons for protests by former President Omar Al-Bashir, is the crisis of life and the cost of all goods and services.

The previous government raised the dollar price of 6 pounds and 18 pounds in the 2018 budget, before former Prime Minister Mohammed Tahir Ella made it March, with the union of employers to reduce the dollar by 20 percent. It seeks to achieve a relative well-being of the sector's economy.

The previous Government said the purpose of this cuts was to contribute to the stability of the exchange rate, improve people's livelihoods, reduce inflation, export and import movement, and create an environment that encourages growth in domestic and foreign investment … but that did not happen. The rise in the customs price of the dollar fell by 20% in Sudan last year and imports fell by 46%.

After accepting the customs debt, Sudan's economy entered a dark tunnel. In the first months it was a growth of between 100% and 150% and the subsequent increases rose to 300% on import value, including consumer goods.

Director General of Customs, the general secretary of Salah Omar Sheikh, the decision to raise the dollar's "disaster" customs. He explained that the crisis was difficult to leave every day and night and gradually adjusted for budget states.

"The previous calculations of the government were not correct last year," he said. Customs revenues decreased by more than 40% during the months following the resolution's appeals, while civil servants estimated the increase in customs revenue.

Due to the recession in the market due to the weakness of purchasing power, it has explained the discrepancy of importation and restraint. The Liquidity Crisis has argued that it has contributed to the penetration of the dark tunnel into the market, which has helped to reduce the income of the state.

Additionally, increasing dollar customs has caused many problems, especially as many importers lost significant markets, without internal product solutions and recycling the home-made wheels.

All previous measures indicated that the price of goods was brought to the consumer, that is, the recession spread and the importance of economic losses.

Othman has said that Sudan's economic crisis requires more than a dollar reduction of the custom, "said Osman has reduced the feasibility of reducing the dollar, saying he said" not enough ", he said" adjusting or adjusting the customs dollar ". Good thing "

Al-Fateh Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed said that the previous 20% reduction was insufficient and that it did not bring any better economic cycle. Full package is required to deal with macroeconomic distortions.

The military council stated that it did not expect a rapid and significant reduction of the price of wealth, that the introduction of changes in the market requires other actions, such as the Central Bank, which has enough foreign exchange offers.

Osman said the rise in commodity prices and the exchange rate increases are much higher than the increase in dollar customs rates, and the increase has increased by 18 percent with an increase in property prices by more than 300 percent, more than 100 percent with the Sudanese pound exchange rate doubled. .

Osman added that the military claiming the desire to change the customs dollar is not a new event, under Prime Minister Moataz Moussa's first Prime Minister, in December, in detail, budgets were budgeted on the budgets before official government adjustment.

Moussa announced in that period that the government began to investigate the dollar price of the Dollar against pain, and said that according to the dollar's appreciation prices have risen to the national currency.

The sources stressed that what was said about the "negative side of the new Arab" customary dollar is enough, given that it is almost exclusively at the expense of increasing the price of the customs dollar, above all, this action directly reflects the livelihood of citizens. Regarding the level of recording or market disconnection, the weaknesses in purchasing the Sudanese nest in the midst of the weaknesses.

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