Wednesday , December 8 2021

My second chance at the character is “trivial” … and that’s the reason for the delay in “Miss Farah 2”


Egyptian artist Ahmed Magdy revealed the secret of the delay to show the second part of the series “Miss Farah”, despite the fact that the story borrowed from a foreign work is ready, with its five parts.

Magdy said in an interview with “Fuchia”: “The five episodes of the series are there, but the idea is that the journey to nationalize the work in the second half took time out of the book and the director made a great effort, but we were ready.”

He added, “I’m very happy with the work and production staff, and they were so excited about the project, that’s what allowed me to be there.”

Ahmed Magdy said of the success of the Ramadan series “A Second Chance” with superstar Yasmine Sabry and her performance of “Ziyad”: because it is insignificant.He is busy with himself.Not all the characters the artist makes love him.

Viewers in the series sympathized with “Ziyad” or saw him as “evil,” Magdy said, “It’s a level of consciousness. One has a wiser, more compassionate, and better level of consciousness in me. communication between will be maintained.Small, this character made me very, very tired because he was confused all the time.

Why he didn’t show up at art festivals, the latter was El Gouna and said he was linked to the Corona virus: “I went to the El Gouna festival for many reasons, the first is a statement from art unions and generally infected with a thousand security viruses for all the stars, and we must take the mind of each other and of ourselves.

Egyptian artist Ahmed Magdy has responded to the ridicule of social media followers who follow the events of the “Tania Tania” series in which he is participating alongside artist Yasmine Sabry.

Magdy said in a special statement to “Fuchia”: “I followed the reactions of the audience in the TV series, and I found comments from some who ruled out the nature of the events, especially since Malak and Ziad got married and later became close. although they overcame a strong story and the situations they faced.

He added: “From my point of view, the events in the series are realistic, and realism does not mean that the story is logical, because in reality there are many things that are logical, such as killing a wife for not preparing her clothes or responding improperly. , and we have seen this a lot among the crimes committed for these Issues.

Numerous negative comments were cast in episode 29 of the series “Tania Tania”, and many complained that the story was illogical, especially as “Malak and Ziyad” questioned the difficult situation until they were together, and it was unreasonable to get a divorce petition after marriage creating conflict. For a short time and for trivial reasons, from the point of view of the commentators.

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