Thursday , December 9 2021

Nice skin for Lebanese in general, and Corona patients in particular.


Sharaf Abu Sharaf called for cooperation between the state, the medical sector and the public to tackle the spread of the Corona epidemic, and explained that we must live with the epidemic, especially if its medicine and vaccine are not available for at least the next six months.

In the “Voice of All Lebanon” interview, Abu Sharaf stressed that we had no alternative to a general shutdown, which was a good start, especially when the partial shutdown failed to increase the spread of the epidemic and the number of wounded and medical and hospital staff in general.

Abu Sharaf revealed that the number of beds in private hospitals and government hospitals had doubled to accommodate Corona patients.

Responding to a question about the possibility of reducing the price of Pcr examination, Abu Sharaf said the problem is in the hands of the state as it works in free trials, especially in government hospitals, but not having enough tests now can prevent any change in prices.

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