Monday , November 29 2021

Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson … that’s how Corona vaccine prices will be


The media reported that the Coronavirus vaccine being developed by the American company “Moderna” will enter the American market mainly in the early stages, and may not be available to poor countries in any way.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote that the US administration has allocated federal budget funding to develop this vaccine, and that the US company “Modern” aims to supply 20 million doses of the vaccine to the American market by the end of this year.

The newspaper noted that the price of the vaccine will be very high because it targeted a price of $ 37 per dose in the “Modern” summer, 10 dollars more expensive than the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, and about $ 20 higher than the “Pfizer” vaccine.

Modern is expected to reduce the price of the vaccine when buying large quantities, but it remains a commercial company and aims to make a profit, according to the newspaper.

The journalist said: “Given the price and the US administration, the rest of the world will have to wait (until our modernization saturates with the US market and shifts to other markets), and low-income countries will have to look for alternative vaccines.”

According to the American media, the “Modern” vaccine against Corona has effective aspects, for example the vaccine is suitable for people over 65 and has mild short-term and side effects.

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