Thursday , December 9 2021

Tamer Hosni has reconciled Basma Bousil, and there has been no divorce today, but what happened to Ahlami?


Finally, after a major uproar with Basma Bousil over her husband, artist Tamer Hosni, when she announced her divorce, the couple announced the reversal of their divorce decision.

It is noteworthy that the decision to separate the threat of the Emirati actor Ahlam was overturned, despite orders to travel to Egypt.

On the other hand, Tamer Hosni responded to his comment, saying, “Give me my precious and greet your beautiful heart. Everything will remain beautiful, and more beautiful than the first. My daughter is not cared for, and Basma and I love you very much.”

Ahlam joked with Tamer and Basma, and said to them, “They will return, even if God wills, even if Hosafir does not return to Egypt and be fixed, they are free, threatening and hopeful, and two boxes, and in his thoughts, they all write together to the second your if you get angry with love and in a hurry and misfortune. “

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