Sunday , December 5 2021

The Beirut Marathon organizes a virtual race under the slogan “Peace … Love … Run” – Al-Binaa Newspaper


Organized association Beirut Marathon A race default For a distance 21.1 Speak in a one step Motivational لمزاولي Sport Jogging in a Lebanon distance Stop Forced Which He imposed several Challenges in a From that time Last Since Crisis Economic And political Most notable Epidemic Crown, And so it was Since Decisive that it is happening This The race according to conditions والمواصفات Technical Which Get used to it Association Turned on Applied, Except It he did not Get Turned on Permits Necessary Since Actors Worried Because This epidemic though that Association he was the same I decided trust Up Rules and conditions babes والسلامة public according to Instructions Extended About Ministry health Than imposed Transformation The race ليكون default With participation Open Since Runners in a Lebanon And abroad.

And he was the same Sharing Free Together Domina Farida وخاصة Done Manufactured Since glass Broken Brave Explosion attack Beirut, د for each Since cut distance Race, Note that association Beirut Marathon He called Since Desire Since Participants والمشاركات Send support Financial For an association «Picture Bidding « Which get up Works Relief For those affected Since Explosion attack Beirut.

And continue The race in a Zone Interface Beirut Navy The main one association Beirut Marathon anderea مي Hebron Together Individuals Since The group Action Association Since Volunteers, No. Configure Stations waters And fruit Resources Sterilization والتشديد Turned on Participants والمشاركات Routing (Gag) As well Implementation principle Interval.

It’s worth it The signal niri that appointment This The race For a distance «Half Marathon» Zen Since I think that It happens there a race Marathon Beirut لامام 2020 according to association Beirut Marathon والتي Persevere Turned on Organize Ago Year 2003an But Situations list Since Its aspects all Imposed Cancellation a race Marathon For two years Two in a row 2019– 2020, As well Then association Beirut Marathon he was the same Organized Ago Weeks several (A race default) locally From outside Keep it up Since unity International For games Powers Veterinary Since Before لجان To organize Races Marathon in a Countries Foreigners لدعم association The cross Red Lebanese Highly appreciated Also For his effort Relief distance Explosion attack Beirut.

At the end of the race, Ms. Khalil thanked the Lebanese and foreign participants for the trust of Lebanese and foreign participants that this activity will be carried out in a short period of 24 hours to make the mechanisms virtual. The United States, England, Hungary and Saudi Arabia made their way and we received photos of them. The Beirut Marathon Association will continue to encourage runners and runners to run for a cause. We were able to raise a total amount of money to donate to the “Farah Al Attaa” association.

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