Monday , November 29 2021

The study shows the health benefits of getting enough sleep


An American study revealed that a sufficient duration of sleep protects the heart and is important for survival.

The website of the company “Express” reported, citing a study conducted by scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans (USA). Sleep duration is important to protect against heart failure.

And experts have found that people with healthy sleep patterns are less likely to have heart disease.

They have indicated that the ideal duration of sleep is 7 to 8 hours each night.

During the study, scientists monitored 408,802 people between the ages of 37 and 73. 5,221 of them were diagnosed with heart failure.

It happened that they had trouble sleeping, some with insomnia. Others often wake up at night due to snoring, some sleep poorly.

Earlier, scientists at the “Guangzhou” Medical University in China concluded that sleeping more than an hour a day is “deadly”.

The analysis showed that people who slept more than an hour during the day had a 34% increased risk of cardiovascular disease and a 30% increase in death compared to other causes of death.

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