Saturday , December 4 2021

There are 5 positive things to stop smoking


Smoking is a bad habit that affects health negatively and increases cancer chances of cancer and death. If you stop smoking, the same thing happens to stop smoking, according to the Net Doctor website.

Better lungs

Smoking a breastfeel is not good. Eliminates elasticity of the lungs and it breathes well. Blood oxygen levels in the respiration decrease and increase the risk of infection. Inhaler may also be used with additional oxygen if the condition is deteriorated.

Quitting smoking does not necessarily mean that your lungs will stop burning, depending on the length of aging and duration, but it will help your lungs slow down and help you improve lungs.

It becomes your shape better and younger

Smoking cessation is caused by additional compounds that cause smoking. Carbon monoxide, low in hemoglobin and oxygen, low levels of oxygen to cure ailment, reduces skin shape and hair loss, and the burner is too early. Heart attacks and strokes reduce the major blood vessels (known as atherosclerosis), and burning can be seen to increase the risk of atherosclerosis.

Better health for your heart

The smoker also has a lot of complaints about kidney, eye problems and peripheral vascular diseases.

Lower voltage level

One of the major illusions about smoking eases stress and stress, but burning helps to increase stress and stress, because nicotine is excessive and when stress and stress increases when cigarettes are eaten.

It is possible to get colds

Smoking has a negative impact on the immune system. It is advisable to stop smoking for 12 hours every week for improving blood circulation. The body begins to recover the damage that causes tobacco smoking and the recovery of lead blood cells. Because of smoking, your body will face colds, flu and other illnesses.

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