Monday , November 29 2021

Today’s latest news – a new study shows how the planet and stars formed millions of years ago


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Exclusive translation : A recent study by a team of researchers at Queen Mary University in the UK revealed that basic constructions of life, such as amino acids, are capable of forming in dark interstellar clouds and can become stars and planets over time.

Dense clouds between the stars
The British Daily Mail reported that a team of international scientists led by experts at Queen Mary University in London simulated the indoor conditions of dust clouds between dark stars and found that glycine, the simplest amino acid, can be formed under harsh space conditions.
Experts point out that glycine, and perhaps other amino acids, are able to form in dense interstellar clouds before they become stars and new planets because glycine was thought to require a lot of energy, which puts clear restrictions on the environment it can create.

Lack of energy
In a new study, a team of astrophysicists and astrochemical modelers were able to demonstrate that frozen glycine powder grains can be formed on the skin, in the absence of energy, through “dark chemistry”.
Experts from the Astrophysics Laboratory of the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands explained that the new research contrasts with previous research that indicated the need for ultraviolet rays to produce glycine.

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