Monday , November 29 2021

Watch: Texas Hospital Room, where patients get lost in harsh conditions!


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“Hole” means “hole,” and refers to the name of an intensive care unit at a Texas medical center in the United States.

One of the most shocking allegations made by nurse Lawana Rivers about her work at El Paso University Medical Center is the existence of a room called “The Pit,” where the worst patients with the Covid virus are sent to death with minimal treatment and resuscitation.

Due to the staggering number of patients in the hospital, he and other nurses were ordered to give each person only three rounds of “CPR” in the “Hole,” before a person was said to be dead, a significant drop in the normal effort to keep patients alive.

“I saw a lot of people dying and I felt like I shouldn’t be dying,” Rivers said in a 50-minute live video posted on Facebook on Nov. 8, adding that “not all the patients we had there were found.” What patience for them. “

El Paso is one of the most affected cities in Texas, becoming the first state to report more than a million coronavirus cases last week.

Last Sunday, the city registered 32,687 active cases and 762 deaths, and officials were forced to extend the town’s closure order and use several trucks to store the bodies.

Rivers also accused the hospital of failing to treat “Covid-19” patients with sufficient force, and said, “Some doctors avoid treating patients with Corona virus completely.”

He also said he saw the doctor’s wife preferential treatment because she was the only one on the floor who survived the epidemic.

Rivers added, “The nurse who directed me had a patient, they called her a ‘VIP’ patient, and she was the wife of a doctor, the ‘doctor’ who sided with the woman, noticing that there was nothing they did for the woman. And imagine what? Only one patient was “. Who managed to survive the “The Pit” room.

In response to the river’s allegations, the University Medical Center told a local station “KVIA-TV” in a statement that although it agrees with the medical specialist, “it cannot fully verify the facts indicated”.

“We are pleased with the material, physical and emotional losses that this epidemic is affecting here and thousands of workers across our country,” the document says.

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